World-class manufacturers trust QCC to perform critical testing operations to free up valuable resources, equipment and space. Let us take over those processes so you can focus on your core manufacturing operations. Whether we design a new test process or take over yours, trust QCC to ensure your products and assemblies perform according to specifications.

Functional hydraulic testing is used for pumps, motors, valves and relief mechanisms. These tests confirm that the product operates within design specifications, in a simulated application environment.

  • 32 different test stands
  • Test performance at speeds up to 8,000 rpm
  • Operating pressures up to 6,000 psi
  • Flows to 120 gpm
  • Leak testing
  • Broad range of hydraulic fluids
  • Up to 400 valves, pumps and motors tested daily

Test reliability is built into the process

  • Ongoing calibration of gages and tooling
  • Gravimetric and particle patch testing for cleanliness of hydraulic fluid

Static/Inspection Testing tests physical characteristics such as size, force, form, etc.

  • Hardness testing on steel bar stock and castings
  • Nital etch testing to check for grind burn on steel parts
  • Gauss testing to check for magnetism on steel parts
  • Static vacuum testing
  • Spring load force testing
  • Form and location measurements
  • Flatness measurements

Life cycle testing is similar to functional testing, but it tests performance over time. Often used for R&D purposes.

  • Standard life cycle testing: Products are tested for durability over time at standard operating speeds and pressures
  • Accelerated life cycle testing: Extreme conditions to test the limits of performance
  • Side by Side performance testing: Compare the condition of two alternative products over time

With more than 45 test stands, functional product tests are conducted based on customer parameters. QCC’s focus on value-added manufacturing services has resulted in recognized expertise in delivering high precision, completely finished assemblies and products.