Turn your fixed cost into variable cost by outsourcing non-core manufacturing to QCC, We provide turnkey manufacturing of complex assemblies and ship directly to customers.

In response to today’s global, and uncertain and ever-changing economy, our customers utilize QCC’s ability to turn fixed cost into variable cost by outsourcing non-core manufacturing. We are an “extended workbench” for our customers who need to control costs, increase flexibility, and reduce fixed overhead costs. This allows QCC’s customers to focus on supporting the growth of core product lines.

QCC provides complete turnkey manufacturing and testing for complex, multlayeri bill-of-material assemblies, which are shipped directly to end customers in a private-label manner.

In summary, we offer a full array of contract manufacturing services that will:

Accelerate Growth, Improve Cashflow and Expand Margins.

  • Transparent Cost Modeling
  • Complex Electro-Mechanical Assembly & Test
  • Complete Supply Chain Management Services
  • Private Labeling
  • Direct Worldwide Fulfillment